Hi Jill,
For children who come to the shelter or are in motel accommodation over a period of weeks, receiving Lillie’s books is often a highlight.  They are always delighted that they can choose something they enjoy and are grateful that a new story has been placed in their hands.  Many times I see the children opening and beginning to read their new prize, before they have even left the room.

Our clients are traumatised. The many layers of complex issues will take time to address. For the children and young people, having a book helps in this time of crisis, to take them away from the crisis that has been imposed upon them, if only for short periods of time.

Your wonderful gift of books is valued. It helps make a difference. Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service thanks you for your ongoing support.
Julie Maloney

Julie Maloney – Domestic Violence Case Manager, Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service

Hi Jill,
Western Adelaide Domestic Violence Service would like to thank Lillie’s Books for your ongoing generosity and support. The books have provided children with the opportunity to engage in reading and brought joy to the children at Christmas time.  It has also been a great incentive for children and mums to spend positive time with each other and rebuild the children’s home library.
Bianca Peta

Bianca Peta – Community Development Manager, Western Adelaide Domestic Violence Service

The feed-back from clients given books by Lillie and Friends has been overwhelming. The excitement has been wonderful to see. I would personally like to say a big thank you to Lillie and Friends for the opportunity they have given families to enjoy reading together.

Toula – Family Support Practitioner, Anglicare SA

Books were gifted to a family of seven children. All the children were thrilled to have received a book that was picked out for them. They were interested to hear about the story of Lillie and how she wants all children to have a book of their own so they too can to experience a love of reading.

Miss 8 stated “ohh that’s my favourite book” and proceeded to read aloud the Mem Fox book to her younger siblings, doing all the different voices for all the characters.

All the children were encouraged to write their name on the label and put the date 2017 so they could look back at their hand writing when they were older. Even Miss 2 and Master 4 who couldn’t write their full name put a mark each on the label and Mum wrote the rest of their name.

Mum was very pleased that the children each had a brand new book and was on a mission to ensure she read them to the children at bedtime

Viv, Family Support Practitioner, Anglicare SA
Hi Jill,
Thanks for the last lot of books – Lillie’s Books have generously donated children’s books to SPARK Resource Centre Inc. SPARK is a sole parent charity and these books have been given directly to children and adolescents whose parents have come to our agency. Recently, I was able to give a widow books for her two young children to help them deal with their terrible loss. Whilst, the books are pleasurable in their own right, we have been (thanks to Lillie’s books) able to provide appropriate reading material to help children deal with loss, change and challenges. Thanks and regards
Kath Sillard O.A.M B.A. S.R.N. P.R.N.
Kath Sillard – Director, Senior Counselor, Adult Educater, SPARK Resource Center

Hi Jill,

I would like to thank you and the members of the community who make the generous donations to Lillie’s Books.
Lillie’s Books is of great benefit to the children who receive support from our domestic violence shelter: Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service.Lillie’s Books is a brilliant idea that brings the joy of reading to children who often have to leave all their possessions due to violence in the home. It is a delight to see a young child’s face light up when they realise they get to choose a Lillie’s book of their own. We have had teenage boys who are extremely grateful to have a book of their own to take home. Teenagers can feel significantly displaced in having to leave their old environment and possessions behind. Unfortunately, teens sometimes miss out on age appropriate gifts at the shelter when they arrive. Lillie’s Books fills that void. Lillie’s Books provides a gift for a teenager, that helps them to become welcome and worthy. We have had comments from children like:
“Thank you so much. Is it really for me to keep?”
“We can read this book together Mum!” As the children we work with have become homeless due to domestic violence, it means a great deal to them to be able to have a book as something that they can call their own. Thank you so much for your support.
Annabelle Viner
Annabelle Viner – Children and young People’s Advocate, Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service