Let’s keep the standard high!

Donate a book that would inspire a child to pick up another

Please consider the following criteria when donating books….

  • In purchasing a book to donate consider content quality. (essential) Hint: would you gift this book to a child you know? Or is it one of your child’s favourites?
  • Is the book written by a well known children’s writer? (optional)
  • Has the book won any children’s literary awards? (optional)
  • Have any well known children’s writers given the book their endorsement? (optional)
  • Is the book on any list of Recommended Books? For example Children’s Book Week recommendations (optional)
  • If it is one of a series, is it the first book in the series?


Check these sites for good book recommendations




Please contact Lillie’s Books on 0414 182 816 to arrange drop off or pick up of books.