Let’s keep the standard high!

Donate a book that would inspire a child to pick up another

Please consider the following criteria when donating books….

  • If it is a pre-owned book, is it in NEW condition? (essential) Hint: would you re-gift it to another child for their birthday?
  • If it is a pre-owned book, is it a QUALITY book? (essential) Hint: did/would your child enjoy reading it?
  • If purchasing a book to donate consider content quality. (essential) Hint: would you gift this book to a child you know? Or is it one of your child’s favourites?
  • Is the book written by a well known children’s writer? (optional)
  • Has the book won any children’s literary awards? (optional)
  • Have any well known children’s writers given the book their endorsement? (optional)
  • Is the book on any list of Recommended Books? For example Children’s Book Week recommendations (optional)
  • If it is one of a series, is it the first book in the series? (essential)

Check these sites for good book recommendations




Please contact Lillie’s Books on 0414 182 816 to arrange drop off or pick up of books.